Sule Mogok Gems gives full attention to the uniqueness of individual breathtaking designs for each customer. We only use high quality stones and materials, work with expert craftsmen to maintain the excellence in quality. We also assist in making the jewelries based on the designs, which are brought by customers specifically.
Quality Assurance
We hereby give a strong promise that all our products are made with care and love. Every single piece we create has to exceed customer satisfaction. It starts with every magnificent gemstone and their extraordinary design that is followed by hours of skilled craftsmanship and carefully examined in order to make sure every Sule Mogok jewel meets our refined standards. Sule Mogok has been setting the high bar of excellence in quality for all our jewelries.
Jewelry Care and Restoration
To ensure enjoyment for future generations, every masterfully crafted Sule Mogok jewel should be handled carefully, regularly cleaned and serviced as detailed when purchased. Professional cleaning and servicing the Sule Mogok jewelry are required over time because frequent wear will cause debris, oil and chemicals to buildup and metal surfaces to dull. This will lead to diminish from its brilliance and beauty. Gemstones to loosen or even be lost may eventually be caused by those debris, oil and chemical buildup together with strong contact. We would love to invite you to contact or bring your Sule Mogok jewel to one of our stores to send your jewelry for a professional cleaning minimally once a year.